Re-TRAC Connect is the
Waste Diversion Software Standard

Achieve your sustainability targets.

What is ReTRAC

Tracking Tool

  • Track waste diversion data
    for internal operations
  • Instantly generate
    eye-catching charts & graphs
  • No more frustrating

A great fit for:

  • Districts, Counties, & Municipalities
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Small Businesses

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Reporting System

  • Streamline data collection
    using custom surveys
  • Users easily report
    to you online
  • Automate data
    aggregation & reports

A great fit for:

  • State & Provincial Government Agencies
  • Medium & Large Enterprises
  • Stewardship Organizations
  • Regional & National Non-Profits
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All users have access to these free features:

Join our Sustainability Leaders.


Join and participate in prominent national, state/provincial, and local programs delivered by leading sustainability organizations across North America.

Great American Cleanup, one of the many successful programs.
Put yourself on the map.


Promote responsible material management by contributing to reuse and recycling directories.

Ecopoint, the infamous drop-off directory.
Expand your skills with our tools.

The Toolkit

Access useful tools to optimize your operational and educational initiatives.

We have partnered with knowledgeable and innovative organizations to bring you diverse, unique, and valuable tools.

Tracker, the powerful material tracking tool.
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The Resource Library provides specialized content for recycling
professionals including access to hundreds of Resource Recycling articles.

Articles provided by Resource Recycling
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Create a profile to share your successes
and showcase your achievements.

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Technical Support

Our team of friendly Emergineers are on standby to answer your questions and help you to make the best use of Re-TRAC Connect.


Over 20,000 users across North America
use this award-winning software.

Thousands of happy users.

100% Scalable

Whether you're a small municipality, an Ivy League university, or a large enterprise, Re-TRAC Connect is the perfect fit.

Serving every range of customers.

Centralized & Secure

Access your data from anywhere at any time.

Automatic daily backups, SSL encryption, and regular 3rd party data security validation ensure your data is secure (so you can sleep soundly).

Easy to access and completely secure.

“Re-TRAC Connect revolutionizes the way that municipalities manage information about their waste management and recycling programs.”

“Instant charts & graphs to measure and improve programs, and showcase results.”

Steve Thompson, Former Director Curbside Value Partnership

A few of our valued customers:

Environmental Protection Agency
Keep American Beautiful
The Recycling Partnership
Carton Council
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Recycling Council of Ontario